Abet Laminati

Abet Laminati is a world leader in the production of decorative laminates.

Abet Laminati’s history has seen the journey where laminate has gradually acquired the identity of being a true creative raw material for distinctive projects. It is possible to produce surfaces with aesthetics that are perfectly in sync with how we perceive wood, stone and metal surfaces. It is even possible to create whole new tactile sensations thanks to the technology and experience that define Abet Laminati’s production.

From education to healthcare, from transport to interior design, discover the applications and let the projects and ideas inspire you with Abet Laminati solutions.


MEG is the contemporary and versatile solutions for outdoor applications. Solid, compact and durable. MEG is a light and weather resistant product, suitable for the construction sector. MEG is a durable self-supporting material with high technical performance and a decorative surface which creates an unexpected and pleasant visual effect.


The character of a space can be conveyed by its uniqueness. Through Abet Digital all surfaces can be customised in an original way. Abet Digital is at the service of creativity, design and personalization. Reliable, functional and beautiful, it is ideal for all applications where it is necessary to combine resistance and design.

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